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Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics

Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics Jade River Exotics

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Jade River Silver and Golden Exotics

jaderiver Silver Exotic

Welcome to Jade River Silver and Golden Exotics
Home of CFA's only Golden Exotic Grands

Jade River is a small CFA registered hobby cattery specializing in exquisite Exotic and Persian cats in the rarest of colors--Golden and Silver. We are located on the coast of northern California approximately 300 miles north of San Francisco.

Our Mission:

We believe it is the responsibility of the breeder to improve the breed, always working in the animal's best interest. We breed for health and temperament as well as beauty. We strive for that irresistible combination of blue-green eyes, a sparkling clear coat, and the sweetest of expressions.

You may have noticed that only a handful of catteries around the world work with Golden Exotics. This is due to the exceedingly difficult nature of this endeavor, which most certainly is not for the faint of heart. We are proud to have produced the very first Golden Exotic to earn the title "Grand" in CFA (and to our knowledge any feline registry), Grand Premier Jade River's Summer Rain. Rainy attained her title in the fall of 2007. In the spring of 2010, we achieved another milestone--the first Golden Exotic to Grand in Championship: Grand Champion Jade River's Fire & Light.

Jade River pet kittens are available to carefully selected homes and are placed with a comprehensive health guarantee. Our pet cats and kittens are always spayed/neutered prior to placement. We also welcome inquiries from other catteries devoted to these rare and challenging colors.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Please contact us if you have any questions. Email Click on the envelope and an email will open addressed to us. Thank you!

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